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We are pleased to offer full-service tree service which includes but is not limited to:

  • Large Tree Removal

  • Tree Topping, Pruning, and Shaping

  • Emergency Services, Storm Damage

  • Thinning Trees, Bushes, Clearing

  • Large Clean-Up, Hauling Debris

  • Stump Grinding

Large Tree Removal

Trees can sometimes overtake a particular area with dangerous, overhanging limbs or they can become diseased and need to be cut down. We specialize in examining your large trees to determine which course of action is the safest and most practical. If the tree needs to be removed, our expert team will take every necessary precaution to take down the tree and remove it from your property.

Tree Topping, Pruning, and Shaping

Macon Georgia Tree Service

If removing a tree is not necessary but dangerous overhanging limbs are still an issue, we can trim and shape your tree by cutting away any problem areas. We can advise you on the best decision regarding pruning or shaping your tree to ensure its longevity.

Emergency Services, Storm Damage

Unfortunately we live in an area where violent storms often occur and tree damage and up-rooting is commonplace. If you experience storm damage with downed trees, please call us 24-7. We will make every attempt to get you immediate assistance.

Thinning Trees, Bushes, Clearing

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Doyle Bennett Tree Service

If you're ready for a yard makeover and need trees thinned, bushes trimmed, lots cleared, small trees removed (including stump grinding) we can help. We love helping homeowners and business owners open up new space for their landscaping needs.

Large Clean-Up Hauling Debris

If you have fallen trees that need to be taken off your property, we can haul away your yard debris. We will pick up limbs, rake and restore your yard.

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Stump Grinding

In addition to cutting down and removing your trees, we can also take out any remaining stumps. Whether the stump is from a tree we cut down or an existing stump from a previous job, we can take care of it.

Macon Georgia Tree Service

Check Out The Before & After Of This Project We Completed!

Macon Georgia Emergency Tree Service

Before: Overgrown & Difficult To See House From Street

Macon Georgia Emergency Tree Service

After: Trees Removed Framing The House Beautifully!

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